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The human resources

Attractive by platform:

Jincheng has set up a career platform for sharing and sharing in the field of big medicine and big health, attracting all kinds of talents with ambitions and dreams to join and strive for it.

Cultivate people by career:

Jincheng provide development opportunities for employees, encourage employees to participate in a variety of professional channel promotion, to create a business community, to the use of high-level personnel, to promote the management talented person having both ability and political integrity, bold and enable the high potential of young talent, promote employees to accelerate growth, achievement of self.

Motivate people by mechanism:

Jincheng adhere to post match the employee ability quality, developing potential principle of choose and employ persons, to build "the almighty, came down, form" the mechanism of reward, passionate, have a sense of mission, capability of the performance of employees, promote employees and companies grow together.

Cultural cohesion:

Jincheng focus on organizational development and growth of employees, promote employees personal career planning and the development of the company vision together, create open competition innovation organization atmosphere, enhance the organization's culture cohesion, Shared growth.