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Company has two core institutions, experts committee and technical committee consists of technical center, institute of jinan university, zhejiang university joint research and development center, biological separation engineering room, process control and equipment engineering room and so on six professional laboratory, two pilot workshop and four big functions, including 1 national recognized enterprise technology center, 2 provincial engineering technology center and the present domestic only cephalosporin class and related intermediates professional scientific research institutions, advanced equipment, perfect facilities, has the abundant technical research and development strength.

Company always will "continue to increase investment in science and technology, promote scientific and technological innovation, building science and technology competitiveness" as the center of the enterprise development strategy, with high-end intermediates, characteristic and biological pharmaceutical apis for direction, each project to develop more new products, the implementation of a number of measures of reformation measures, technological level of each product in the same industry, the technology mature, stable quality, and set up relative cost advantage, there are a number of technological innovation for national patents and independent intellectual property rights, through the synthesis, separation technology, the integrated use of and development of biotechnology, make the product yield, quality, etc. To further improve the indicators, Process route green road.